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The best for regularity
and bowel health

High quality
High quality

Raw material of first quality. Only pure PSILLIO fiber.

Bacterial flora
Bacterial flora

Bacillus Coagulans spores, to support intestinal bacterial flora.


By giving a feeling of relief and well-being.

Why Regular-Lax ?

  • Regulate intestinal activity to giving relife and wellness sensation
  • Improve bacterial flora and support intestinal immune system
  • Easer lipid and carboidrate metabolism
  • Promote a gastrointestinal system lenitive action
  • Help to have soft and slighting feces
  • Give satiety sensation

Bacillus coagulans is a safe and effective probiotic which survives of the stomach acid ph and reaches the small intestine without losing its beneficial properties.

Bacillus c. creates reproductive structures called «spores» proteins coating which works as a barrier and allows to Bacillus c. to survive gastric acid, biliary and differents temperature in the human body and thus to get active in the intestine. His job is to increase and rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora by hindering the bad bacteria flora proliferation.

  • Defend mucosa from pathogenic bacteria
  • Optimize Colon Functionality
  • Support the immune system
  • suitable during pregnancy
  • suitable for diabetes
  • suitable in case of hemorrhoids and anal fissures

2 flavors available

3 gusti
  • Natural
  • Citrus fruits

Every Day

You can use it everyday! Psyllium is a passive fiber, our organism doesn’t absorb it, no irritates the intestinal mucosa but be soothing.

  • suitable during pregnancy, diabetes, hemorrhoids and anal fissures

How to use Regular-Lax

Mix one dose (4.5 g) of Regular Lax in at least 200 ml of water or another non-carbonated drink to add more fiber to the diet.