Bio Aloe Vera

Bio Aloe Vera

The new Organic Harvest has arrived

Pure Aloe

Only pure juice and aloe vera pulp, without added preservatives and sweeteners


Titrated and standardized in polysaccharides. For a gastro-protective action.


Cultivated by controlled and certified organic agriculture.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) is a plant known for centuries for its beneficial properties, confirmed by the latest research in science. This plant, in order to survive long periods of drought, contains within the leaf big quantities of water and of functional substances that are produced by the plant itself.

The result is the formation of a gel rich in elements such as POLYSACCHARIDES, MINERAL SALTS, VITAMINS, PROTEINS, ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS, ORGANIC ACIDS, ENZYMES that make the juice and pulp of Aloe Vera precious allies for the wellbeing of the body, properties confirmed by the Ministry of Health with the inclusion of benefits within the BELFRIT list (Ministerial Decree of 27 March 2014).

Aloe vera's juice promotes the regularity of the intestinal transit and coaudiuve the digestive and hepatic function.

The internal gel develops an emollient and soothing action on the digestion system and promotes the depurative functions of the organism.